This is a list of books that offer the other side of the narrative about Marcos regime, martial law, and EDSA. Here is the list with links on where to buy them:


This is the book recommended by Juan Ponce Enrile to read if we want to know the other side of Cory Aquino’s presidency.

Excerpt from the Preface:

Event though I truly mean no disrespect, it is risky to criticize a saint. Let it therefore be understood at the outset that I believe President Corazon Aquino to be a woman of piety, intelligence, courage and dignity, and a President whose demeanor, if not policies, has earned the Philippines deserved prestige in the world. I wish her well despite serious misgivings.

I was never an admirer of Senator Aquino, whom I knew from 1963 to 1973. Though I conceded that he was brilliant, I found him a demagogue, a Filipino politicial in the traditional mode, and one dangerously cooperative with the Communists. Cory Aquino and many of Ninoy’s close friends believe him to have undergone a spiritual transformation in prison, being converted to Jeffersonian democracy and Gandhian non-violance. Their ideas demand respect, but as the following pages will attest, I do not share them.

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DEBACLE by Rigoberto Tiglao

In this groundbreaking work, based on solid data and erstwhile secret documents, premiere investigative reporter Rigoberto D. Tiglao exposes the lies and deceptions surrounding the loss of Scarborough Shoal as well as the true nature of the Aquino regime’s arbitration case against China.

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DEBUNKED by Rigoberto Tiglao

In this book, Tiglao debunks the myths and fallacies propagated by the ruling elites to keep their hold onto power. He bravely exposes the hidden facts about EDSA, the Aquino-Cojuangco family, the role of the communist and liberal parties in provoking the imposition of martial law, and eviscerates the first fake news: the alleged “Jabidah Massacre”.

Tiglao uncovered details about the illegal DAP of the Aquino administration, and how this fund was used to remove Chief Justice Renato Corona from the Supreme Court.

The reader will come away with a better understanding of why we are where we are, and why the radical presidency of Rodrigo Duterte is the country’s best chance at genuine national development.

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COLOSSAL DECEPTION by Rigoberto Tiglao

The book exposes one of the biggest deceptions ever foisted on the Philippine nation: the total domination of our telecommunications industry by foreigners and its deliberate concealment. This is a grave violation of the Philippine Constitution, a fact that was ignored by the Aquino administration when it chose to side with foreign interests instead of following a Supreme Court order to stop the foreign control of a strategic public utility.

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GREED AND BETRAYAL by Cecilio Arillo

As the elitist image of the Aquino regime permeated society as a whole, its propaganda experts began to shape the political landscape as well, and transformed most of the unsuspecting citizens into consumers of its own brand of illiberal democracy symbolized by the yellow banner, the yellow ribbon, and the yellow confetti.

Arillo’s Greed & Betrayal relived the events that marked the Aquino regime’s bungled presidency and how it systematically and repeatedly blamed Marcos, Enrile, Honasan, Laurel, Mitra, and others as the all-purpose excuse to hide its own incompetence, failures, and perfidy.

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A Country Imperiled: Tragic Lessons of a Distorted History presents a bold and factual perspective on the presidency of deposed Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, his wife Imelda Marcos, the martial law period, the EDSA Revolt, the regime of Pres. Cory Aquino and the subsequent administrations until that of Pres. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino.

A Country Imperiled follows Arillo’s tradition of factual narrations of history as it seeks to primarily demystify the Aquino couple, former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. who is hailed as a martyr and Cory Aquino as an icon of democracy.

It also dissected the several allegations leveled at the Marcos couple through a fair recounting of their actions most of which were culled from declassified government documents.

The book primarily seeks to set the record straight for the new generation of Filipinos who may have to rely on historical accounts to appreciate the characters of the nation’s previous leaders. Arillo’s deconstruction of events is an interesting guide for legal researchers as well as students out to write in a factual recollection of the country’s historical events.

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THE MARCOS LEGACY by Cecilio Arillo

The book is not only about the legacy of Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos but also the ignominious story of how two governments – and others – driven by a mixture of greed and vindictiveness, ganged up on him and his family, divested them not just of lawful power, but of honor as well as of possessions.

This book also consists mostly of official documents that are undeniable proof of the unjust punishments inflicted upon the Marcoses without them first being found guilty by the courts of law. These documents chronicled lies, frauds, flawed logic, anomalous processes and judicial partisanship that made adverse decisions against them possible in various courts.

Justices, lawyers, students and laymen would no doubt be amused or bewildered by the whirlwind allegations lodged against the Marcoses, and the maze of processes they went through. Legal systems are vulnerable to manhandling that frustrates justice. Most of the holdings against the Marcoses have been based on the discretion of officials of uncertain impartiality.

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A compromise among the concerned parties will successfully fast track the much-awaited distribution of the Marcos earthly possessions. It is high time for the government to consider setting up a Gold Commission and appropriately
declassifying the members of the late President’s (FM) “Umbrella Foundation”.

Then and only then can we ascertain if there indeed is an iota of truth to this fabulous fortune, or if it is simply just another grand sting operation of such great magnitude..

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9/11 GOLD by J Prager

This book is about the truth behind the World Trade Center bombing and how the intention behind the bombing can be traced to Marcos gold. Very interesting read!

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This book provides the historic data from the mid-1940s through 1975 on the events that led to what we now call 9/11.

This book talks about the fabled Yamashita treasure, how Marcos recovered thousands of tonnes of treasure, and how the CIA and the GW Bush seized the gold bullion from Ferdinand Marcos. This books include players that have long since died and ties them into the players on the global stage today.

Includes scanned documents pertaining to gold transactions and deposits.

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