Shortly after assuming office as the 11th President of the Republic of the Philippines after the EDSA People Power Revolution, then President Corazon C. Aquino declared the existence of a revolutionary government under Proclamation No. 1 dated February 25, 1986.

Among the more significant portions of this Proclamation was an instruction for “all appointive officials to submit their courtesy resignations beginning with the members of the Supreme Court.” The call was unprecedented, considering the separation of powers that the previous Constitutions had always ordained.

Heeding the call, the members of the Judiciary—from the Supreme Court to the Municipal Circuit Courts—placed their offices at the disposal of the President and submitted their resignations. Cory proceeded to reorganize the entire Court, appointing all 15 members. [Supreme Court website]

She also used the power of a rebel government, then abolished the 1973 Constitution, scrapped the Batasan Pambansa (Parliament), local government units, the civil and military services, etc. [PH Congress website]

She selected 48 men and women, including suspected communists, and drafted her own Constitution – all driven by her hate for Ferdinand Marcos and to accommodate the interests of oligarchs and foreign influences.

Cory created PCGG three days after she assumed office, on Feb. 28, 1986. PCGG has the sole purpose to sequester the assets and funds that they PRESUMED to be “ILL-GOTTEN” by the Marcoses or their friends, families, and cronies. Nevermind if they didn’t have any proof. [Cory’s Executive Order 1]

Thirty-five years later, PCGG has NOT YET proven that the Marcoses raided the nation’s coffers. The SC civil cases do not discuss anything about how the Marcoses acquired their wealth. The only civil case conviction is not yet final and does not discuss anything related to raiding the nation’s coffers.

Cory has gruesome human rights violations record. The stats show her record is worse that Marcos’ considering she only served for 6 years and Marcos served for 21 years. Do we ever hear about it from mainstream media?

Cory also created the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP). CARP is the redistribution of private and public agricultural lands to help the beneficiaries survive as small independent farmers, regardless of the “tenurial” arrangement.

Conveniently, Hacienda Luisita was exempted from its implementation. Hacienda Luisita refused to dsitrbute lands to the farmers since 1967 when the “behest loans” provided by the government matured. Part of the condition of the “behest loans” was for the hacienda to distribute the lands to the farmer-workers or their beneficiaries.

In 2011, the Supreme Court ordered that the contested land should be distributed by the Hacienda Luisita Inc. (HLI) to the original 6,296 farmer-beneficiaries pursuant to an order of the Presidential Agrarian Reform Council in December 2005.

The Cojuangcos finished their distribution of land and pay the farmers Php1.3 billion in compesation. This was complete in 2018 (51 years since 1967) under the administration of Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte.