We’ve Been Brainwashed for 36 Years

Date updated: 3/30/2022

1. The greatest mind conditioning ever done to the Filipino people is instilling in our minds that the Marcoses are thieves who raided the nation’s coffers.

2. Look at these attached photos. If we judge them AS IS, these photos are neutral. These are just foreign bank accounts, nothing more.

How many Filipinos have foreign bank accounts? MANY, maybe including you.

Having foreign bank accounts is not wrong.

3 But what makes these photos wrong in the […]

Ninoy Aquino’s Trip to America for his Medical Treatment

On May 7, 1980, after the doctors at Philippine Heart Center diagnosed his ailment, Ninoy asked Pres. Marcos’ permission to leave for the U.S. for medical treatment.

On May 8, 1980, Pres. Marcos approved Ninoy’s trip to the U.S. with the First Lady facilitating it. Ninoy departed for America on the same day.

On the Philippine Airlines flight to Houston, Mrs. Marcos sent along cardiac specialists to make sure he wouldn’t get ill on […]

Who Was Primitivo Mijares and is “The Conjugal Dictatorship” Credible?


Marcos critics often cite Primitivo Mijares’ book, The Conjugal Dictatorship, and take this book as ABSOLUTE TRUTH about martial law.

Many of those who cite this book didn’t even read it, nor did they bother to research Mijares’ reputation as a KNOWN paid propagandist before and during martial law.

So, who was Primitivo “Tibo” Mijares?



“Mission cable confirms Primitivo Mijares, former Chairman, Media Advisory Council […]

Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos 1987 Playboy Interview

Introduction by Interviewers Ken Kelley and Phil Bronstein:

Copyright (c) 1987, PLAYBOY

On a good day, Ferdinand Marcos rises with the sun, does a few stretching exercises and gazes out at his domain: a couple of acres of grass and flowers in the hills of Honolulu, with a decent view of Diamond Head. His wife, Imelda, wakes up a few hours later and prepares for her day: tending the rows of dark-red bougainvillaea she’s planted, pottering about […]

Guinness on Marcos: A Massive Propaganda

You know it’s a propaganda material when it WILLFULLY OMITS the second paragraph of what is written on the Guinness website.

Here’s what the second paragraph says:

“Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos fled to Hawaii, USA, in 1986, where the former president died. Imelda Marcos returned to the Philippines in 1991, and was found guilty of corruption in 1993. However, Imelda Marcos was cleared of all charges on appeal in October 1998. The Philippine Supreme Court acquitted […]

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