Is former President Marcos a traitor? Was former President Corazon Aquino a hero?

A news article (August 4, 1977) about Marcos dropping our Sabah claim have been circulating around social media. In 1977, Marcos pledged to Malaysia that he would drop the Philippines claim but how come there was no protocol or treaty signed between the two countries?

In order to drop it he also needs to repeal RA No. 5446 which was enacted by Congress on September 18, 1968.

Being a strongman, he could have easily repealed it, but why were these steps not taken? This is possibly pure lip service to weaken Malaysia’s support of the MNLF’s insurgency in Mindanao.

So far, the only President that attempted to eliminate our claim to Sabah was Corazon Aquino. First, on November 19, 1987 she asked the Senate to repeal it. So, Senator Leticia Ramos-Shahani filed Senate Bill No. 206 to remove our claim. This bill faced stiff opposition from both houses that’s why the latter was forced to abandon it.

Second, on December 1987, Cory Aquino met with the heirs of the Sultanate of Sulu to persuade them to drop their claim but they refused. Fortunatel, she failed on both attempts that is why up to now our claim to Sabah is still in effect.

This leaves us now with this question: Did Cory deserve the popularity that propelled Noynoy to the presidency after her death?

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