Date updated: 3/30/2022

1. The greatest mind conditioning ever done to the Filipino people is instilling in our minds that the Marcoses are thieves who raided the nation’s coffers.

2. Look at these attached photos. If we judge them AS IS, these photos are neutral. These are just foreign bank accounts, nothing more.

How many Filipinos have foreign bank accounts? MANY, maybe including you.

Having foreign bank accounts is not wrong.

3 But what makes these photos wrong in the minds of the public is the meaning we add to these photos.
The meaning is: “Ah, grabe, magnanakaw talaga ang mga Marcoses”.
That meaning becomes our PERCEPTION AND PREJUDICE that owning these accounts are wrong.

4. Why do we have this perception and prejudice?
Because of the EFFECTIVE SUGGESTIONS AND MIND CONDITIONING of the media and the politicians that they are wrong.

5. In the last 36 years, the media and politicians conditioned us to think that when we see and hear “Swiss banks”, we AUTOMATICALLY JUMP INTO A CONCLUSION that the Marcoses are thieves and plundered the treasury.

6. This thinking process is illogical and extremely flawed because all we did was to ASSUME.
We’ve been conditioned to assume and to jump into a conclusion without asking questions and without demanding for proof kung talagang may ninakaw ba talaga sa atin.

7. Being wealthy is not wrong. Having foreign accounts is not wrong. You know what’s wrong? Stealing from the people is.

8. But in 36 years, has PCGG successfully proven in court that the Marcoses stole from the people? A BIG AND RESOUNDING NO.

9. PCGG resorted to civil forfeiture cases ONLY (violation of RA 1379) to FORFEIT these accounts. These civil forfeiture cases don’t have any discussions of pagnanakaw sa mga Pilipino.

10. PCGG also resorted to compromise agreements with the cronies and the Marcoses to take over and forfeit these assets. They knew they had no evidence to prove nakaw in court kaya dinaan sa compromise agreements.

11. The fact is, there is NO single documentary evidence that can prove the Marcoses stole from the people. There is also no witness that could attest how they stole from the people.
Meron ba sa mga kaso? WALA.

12. And since there is no evidence, naturally, there is no conviction related to pagnanakaw. Kaya puro civil forfeiture cases at compromise agreements ang ginawa eh.
The 7 counts of graft guilty verdict against Imelda is not about nakaw. That is the perception, but that’s not the reality.

13. A TRIAL BY PUBLICITY is extremely dangerous because it misleads us into thinking that a person or a family are criminals even though there is NO evidence that proves stealing.
Basta nabalita lang sa media na may Swiss accounts magnanakaw na.

14. This mind conditioning DUMBED US DOWN as people for a very long time. Ginawa tayony assuming at bobo sa loob ng 36 na taon. Hindi ka ba nagagalit?

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