To answer this question, let’s look at our argriculture sector and the situation of our farmers since 1987. Bakit agriculture?

Cory established Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) in 1987 through Proclamation No. 131.

Her vision was to:

1. Provide landowners equality in terms of income and opportunities

2. Empower land owner beneficiaries to have equitable land ownership

3. Enhance agricultural production and productivity

4. Provide employment to more agricultural workers

5. Put an end to conflicts regarding land ownership

How much is the budget for CARP?

1988 – 1998 — Php50 billion initial fund + Php 2 billion appropriated to cover supplemental requirements of CARP for 1987 – [Ref: Cory’s EO 229, Sec 20 and 21 and RA 6657 Sec. 63]

1998 – 2008 —- Php50 billion +additional fund authorized not exceeding Php50 billion
– [Ref; RA 8532, Sec. 1]

2009 – 2014 – AT LEAST Php150 billion
– [Ref: CARPER – RA 9700, Sec, 21]

What are the Sources of Funds According to EO 229, RA 6657, RA 8532, and RA 9700

1. Assets privatization trust (pertaining to the assets sequestered by PCGG) **

2. Receips of sales of “ill-gotten wealth” from PCGG

3. Proceeds from the disposition of properties of the government in foreign countries. (We know that PCGG sequestered and liquidated assets from abroad such as buildings in NY and San Francisco, jewelry, paintings, etc.)

4. Other courses

Questions to Answers?

1. Kumusta ang kalagayan ng mga magsasaka natin magmula nang maupo si Cory?

2. Tumaas ba ang rice production natin?

3. Natugunan ba ang mga pangangailangan ng mga magsasaka?

4. Nag-export ba tayo ng bigas?

5. Kumusta ang food security natin, lalo na ngayong panahon ng pandemya?

6. Ilang percentage na ng land distribution para sa mga landless tenants at farmers and na-distribute noong nagsimula ang CARP?

7. Ang PDAF at Fertilizer fund scams ba ni Janet Lim Napoles ay may kinalaman sa mga na-liquidate na assets ng mga Marcoses?

Napoles created no less than 20 dummy NGOs that became recipients of PDAF. Several of these NGOs are related to agriculture, such as the Countrywide Agri and Rural Economic Development Foundation.

Ang mga biniling fertilizers at pesticides para sa mga magsasaka sana, noong na-diskubre ay tubig pala!



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